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LevelUp Networks will strive to hold a new webinar on a monthly basis. We use this platform to inform our clients and the general public about new services, trending topics in the IT industry, and much more.

Joining our webinars could not be any easier, just select the one you wish and sign up for it below. On this page, you will be able to view our past ones.

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CyberSecurity e-Platform
Jan 28th, 2021

Learn about the LevelUp Networks cyber security platform. Simulate phishing attacks and easily train your staff to be more security minded when it comes to these types of threats.

Microsoft Teams Phone System
Feb 26th, 2021

Add Teams Phone system to fully integrate your office 365 into one powerful remote office. auto attendants, voicemail, routing, call parking and much more.

Microsoft 365 Backups
Mar 25th, 2021

Over the years, businesses have realised that you need a backup solution for Microsoft 365 data beyond what’s provided out of the box. It’s also fair to say that there are a number of ways to do that, but Retention Policies (and Labels) are not one of them. To understand why, let’s start with breaking down what Retention Policies are.